C.B.A.I. Dublin North Region

Minutes of the Dublin North Region AGM 2020/21,
held on Monday 14th June 6 p.m. via zoom

Attendance: President. Ria Malone, President, President Elect. Jim McCormack. Norma Madden, President Emeritus. Rodney O’Hara, Ex Officio. Kay McDonald, Hon. Treasurer. Mary Breen, Hon. Secretary. Andrew Kinsella, C.D.O. Aidan Synnott, Webmaster. Moira Lonergan, Frances Scally, John Kehoe, Breda Dolan, Barbara Vaughan (DNR Committee). And Paul Porteous, Chief Executive, C.B.A.I. A list of all other attendees is recorded. There was 37 in total. 4 apologies were received.
Opening statement from Aidan Synnott (chairing the meeting)
The Chair provided a GDPR notification that the meeting was being recorded for taking the minutes and would be destroyed when that is completed.
A quorum was established.
Welcome by President:
The President opened the meeting by welcoming everyone, in particular Paul Porteous, Chief Executive of the C.B.A.I.
Address by Paul Porteous, Chief Executive of the C.B.A.I.
The meeting was opened by Paul Porteous, CEO of the CBAI. Paul extended his sympathies to all individuals and clubs who had lost family and club members since our last meeting, almost two years ago.
He thanked those who had facilitated online bridge, which had been a life saver for so many people.
He noted not all of the clubs in our region had adapted to the online platform and the need to look out for those clubs going forward.
An online ethics committee has been established and anyone with concerns should report to them, ensuring to adhere to the protocol that has been set up.
Master Points summaries have been issued digitally to all operating clubs and they need to be returned by the end of July. Master Points won online and accumulated from 1
st June to 31st May next year should be incorporated in next year’s returns.
Paul asked clubs to be scrupulously honest about their affiliation fees. Some clubs contributed on the basis that they would eventually collect from their members, but CBAI undertook to credit any shortfall in collections against next year’s figures.
Regarding Live Bridge: Paul says it’s like looking into a crystal ball but hopefully we’ll get back eventually.
Bridge: A Mind Sport for All conference will run from 28
th June to 1st Our own Mary Kelly-Rogers will feature on the panel for the Women’s Bridge discussion.
By the end of September Paul will have completed 29 years of service and is looking forward to his retirement. He thanked all those he had worked with on the D.N.R. committee.
Treasurer’s Report
Kay McDonald presented the treasurer’s report. The financial statement showed income of €3830.47 against expenditure of €6,336.37. The main source of income was Affiliation Fee rebates from C.B.A.I. This year there was a reduction in D.N.R. membership.
The Kirwan League did not take place, but Kirwans have confirmed they will continue sponsorship for the following season.
It would be appreciated if all transactions with D.N.R. could be conducted online, where possible.
 There were no matters arising.
The report was proposed by:     Breda Dolan                              Seconded: Moira Lonergan
 Secretary’s Report
The secretary reported on all the happenings throughout the year. She thanked the committee for all their help in keeping the show on the road and for helping to distribute the’ Start of Year’ packs to all the clubs in the region.
She urged club secretaries to keep their members informed with the information that they receive from the D.N.R. secretary and to circulate all the information that is passed on to them especially upcoming competitions.
She thanked Rodney O’Hara our President for 2019/20 and our outgoing President Ria Malone and said she was looking forward to working with the incoming President Jim McCormack. She thanked Frances Scally who was coming off the committee and who she had worked with as CDO.
CDO Report
The CDO report was presented by Andrew Kinsella. He thanked Aidan Synnott for his help, expertise, and commitment. Despite the difficult year, Aidan made it possible to run all our regional events. Andrew hopes to meet everyone at the Gala Evening when we hope we can present the Trophies.
Below is the list of winners:
Novice Pairs – 10 tables (21/11/2020)
Edel Lynch and Aidan Seery – Iona Bridge Club. T.D. Dick Kiernan
The McLoughlin Cup – Inter B’s – 21 tables (23/01/2021)
Noel Hughes & Anthony McMacken – Malahide Bridge Club. T.D: Aidan Synnott
Maureen Meade Trophy – Area Masters & Inter A’s 20 tables (06/02/2021)
Aileen James & Mary McNamara – Malahide Bridge Club. T.D. Dick Kiernan
DNR Master Pairs/ Marie Cummins Plate 7 tables (27/02/2021)
Sheila Rafter & Ann O’Reilly – Malahide Bridge Club. T.D. Aidan Synnott
Kirwan League – This year a Gala Teams event, with a game for each grade, replaced the League.
T.D. Aidan Synnott
Inter A’s – (08/05/2021) 15 teams
Mary C Breen. Anna Murray. Linda Garland & Patricia Brennan – Malahide Bridge Club
Inter B’s – (15/05/2021) 15 teams
Simon Keane & Helen Waugh, Declan Cahill & Francis Daly – Malahide Bridge Club
Masters (22/05/2021) 16 teams
Paddy English & Mary Kelly-Rogers, Ciaran Mulhall & Justin Mulhall – Malahide Bridge Club
Novices (29/05/2021) 12 teams
Gerry Creighton & John Hynes, Orla Murnane & Ray Wall – St. Anthony’s Bridge Club
Out-going President’s address                                      Ria Malone
·      The President thanked everyone for joining us this evening.
·      She said how difficult the last 15/16 months had been. She felt the Bridge world had adapted magnificently.
·      The main aim of the DNR initially was to try and keep the ‘show on the road’ having had to abruptly abandon things in March 2020.  Towards this end we owe a huge debt to Aidan Synnott who has been instrumental in getting the DNR virtual world up and running.  Many of the DNR regional clubs now fall under the umbrella of either GRVBC or CAVBC.  Assistance has also been made available to local clubs wishing to set up virtually. As a result, weekly competitions, club competitions, team events, and special events throughout the year have been successfully maintained.
·      She thanked the committee members, with special thanks to Norma Madden whose expertise in Bridge matters knows no bounds.
·      She also thanked her predecessor, Rodney O’Hara, and wished Jim McCormack the very best for his term in Office.
·      She also took the opportunity to formally thank Mary Reid, who had resigned from the committee the previous year.
·      She expressed her thanks to those leaving the committee and welcomed our new members.
·      She wished the in-coming committee all the best for the coming year.
·      She said a donation of €3000 that was made to the Hope Foundation for their work with the Pandemic crisis in India. This was in respect of Kirwan’s League funds received last year.
·      She hoped we would have a Gala Event to celebrate all the winners of our Regional Events and to present the Trophies.
·      She thanked Malahide Regional Bridge Club, who had always facilitated D.N.R. events in the past. She hoped we would be back there in the not-too-distant future.
·       Lastly, she apologised if she had left anyone out.
Nomination and Election of Officers and Committee of D.N.R.
President: Jim McCormack, nominated by Lusk Bridge Club. Proposed.by: Pauline Dennis. Seconded by: Mary Vaughan
President: Elect: John Keogh, nominated by Sports Link Bridge Club. Proposed by: Catherine Kelly. Seconded by: Eileen O’Donnell
Honorary Treasurer: Kay McDonald, Proposed by Norma Madden. Seconded by: Jim McCormack
Honorary Secretary: Mary Breen, nominated by Kay McDonald, seconded by Aidan Synnott
County Development Officers: Andrew Kinsella. Proposed by: Mary Breen. Seconded by: John Kehoe
Committee members: Moira Lonergan, Breda Dolan, Dan O’Mahony, Orla Murnane, Mary Deane, all proposed and seconded.
The remainder of the committee comprises; Ria Malone – Ex-Officio and Norma Madden – President Emeritus.
Appointment of Auditor
Patrick Black of CB Accounting Services was proposed by Kay McDonald and seconded by Ria Malone
Election of delegates to National AGM – 6th July - Westmanstown
The following were elected as delegates to attend the National AGM: Ria Malone, Mary Breen, Norma Madden, Liz Sherlock, Andrew Kinsella, Kay McDonald, and Jim McCormack.
Incoming President’s Address
·       Jim Mc Cormack representing Lusk Bridge Club thanked everyone for attending. He cannot see us returning to Live Bridge before September.
       Jim suggested clubs appoint a Covid officer.
       He suggested that many of the clubs may have difficulty in retaining their premises in the future, especially those that use schools premises.
       He felt there was a difficult year ahead.
·       He thanked the committee and welcomed the new members.
·       During discussion from the floor the following topics were discussed:
       Adhering to protocols regarding Covid.
       The C.B.A.I. directive would follow government guidelines.
       Probably clubs with their own premises would re-open this year.
       The D.N.R. will cater for both situations – live and virtual Bridge.
·       A full return to live Bridge was a good bit down the road.
The meeting concluded at 18.56. It was followed by a game of online Bridge using the virtual format.
Copies of all reports are available on request.