Kirwans League

Kirwans Online League 2021/22
We are holding a full Kirwans Online League Competition this year for Novices, Intermediate Bs and Intermediate As. This will be held using the Teams Matches facility in the Competitive Section of BBO. The format will replicate that used pre-covid exactly except that the matches will take place on-line.
Team captains will agree among themselves the time and date of fixtures. They will have to set up the games themselves on BBO and report results to their section coordinator by email or text. Teams of up to six people will be able to enter but must all come from the same clubs.
Application forms are available here or from your section coordinator. The closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 29th October 2021. The entry fee is €20 per team. This reduction in fee (from €60 pre-covid) reflects the fact that, in line with CBAI requirements, no monitory prizes will be awarded to the winners. Full details of the rules of the competition are available here.
Detailed written instructions on how to set up the matches will be sent to all team captains. In addition, we will hold a tutorial on Zoom on Saturday 30th October. Members of the DNR committee held a trial game a couple of weeks ago to assess the feasibility of all of this and there was unanimous agreement that the experience was excellent, easily as enjoyable as the real thing, with the added bonus that nobody will be expected to bake or make sandwiches!
The 2021/22 league coordinators are:
Intermediate A
Ria Malone
086 824 8549

Intermediate B
Dan O'Mahony
087 682 4300

Andrew Kinsella
086 258 0589
Orla Murnane
086 782 7069