DNR Novice Pairs

DNR Novice Pairs Competition 2021/22

This event took place on Saturday 23rd October 2021 on BBO. There were only 8 pairs but this reflects the fact that in these strange times, there are very few new Novices and many of the existing Novices in the Region have been upgraded to B2.

The movement was a 7x3 Full Howell. The result was extremely close. At the end of the game, the BBO results produced a tie for first place between Sylvia Kennedy & Liz Butler of Broadmeadow Bridge Club and Catherine McManus & Jim Miley of Glasnevin Bridge Club both on 59.13%. There was one averaged board during the course of the competition. BBO does not use use the Neuberg Formula but BBOtoXML does. However, Neuberg did not help in this particular case, changing the scores for both pair to 59.26%

We therefore had to resort to the Contract Bridge Association of Ireland regulations for breaking a tie. The two pairs in question met in round 2 of the tournament, playing boards 4, 5 & 6 against one another. This proved decisive because Sylvia & Liz scored 100%, 67% & 17% (Total 184%) over Catherine & Jim's 0%, 33% & 83% (Total 116%)

So for the second year in a row, the Novice Pairs
Tournament has been settled using a tie-break. Congratulations to Sylvia & Liz on a hard fought win. Hard luck Catherine & Jim but you achieved a very honourable second place.

Aidan Synnott,
Tournament Director.

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