C.B.A.I. Dublin North Region

May 2022
It is with a heavy heart that I start this report with the sad news of Andrew Smyth’s death yesterday. Andrew was a regular and keen Bridge player in many of the DNR clubs. Many of us would have known him in the pre Covid19 ‘real’ world and since then as ‘Tricks52’ on BBO. He was also a member of the St. Anthony’s team in the A Section of this year’s Kirwans League. May he RIP.
This year’s Kirwans League is now drawing to a close.  It is proposed to finish off the season with a Gala Team night for ALL the Kirwans League Teams at 7.30 on Saturday 21
st, May. This event will be held ON-LINE on BBO. If there are any loose players who want to play please contact myself at 086-8248549 and I will try to match you up.
Unlike the Novice and Inter B Sections which are completely finished there are, according to the results received to date, 7 matches outstanding in the Inter A Section. These are:
Lusk v St. Gabriels 3
St. Anthonys v Raheny 2
Lusk v Malahide 1
St. Anthonys v St. Gabriels 3
Lusk v Raheny 2
St. Anthonys v Glasnevin 1
 Raheny 1 v Raheny 2
Two of the outstanding matches will decide the result of the Inter A Section. Malahide 1, Capt. Benadette Murray is currently in the lead with 145.38. They can only be overtaken by Raheny 1, Capt Dan O’Mahony, currently on 135.61. So it really IS down to the wire folks. It is VITAL, therefore, that these matches are played asap.
Overall, the response to the league on BBO has been very positive. The actual set up, playing and scoring of the games has been very positive. However, the aul cuppa and chat was missed by many. The playing of 11 matches may have been a tad ambitious. We can review this for next year.
Thank you all for taking up the challenge and playing in our first On-Line League. Also, many thanks to all the team captains for their efforts in organising matches and submitting results. It was lovely getting to know you over the season.
I hope you all continue to remain in good health and have a lovely summer. See you in September 2022 for more Bridge shenanigans!!!

February 2022
As you will see from the updated Results Table we are now approaching the half-way stage of the Inter A Kirwans League. Just a small number of early matches are still outstanding. So far, the feedback from those taking part has been very positive. The fact that the scoring is automated by BBO is a big plus factor. God knows what we will all do if we ever have to do it live again!!! The only thing missing is the cuppa and the chat.
Just a reminder that under the Rules of the Kirwan League it is a requirement that each match is based on 24 boards being played. Please change the default setting on set up from 8 to 12 on each round. (This can easily be overlooked). Also, the scoring system this year is very precise so every last point is VITAL and worth fighting for.
I would advise that remaining matches are played on a timely basis. As you will all probably have noticed your diaries are filling up with Club events and National/Regional Events as is usual for this time of the year so it is easy to run out of time. A good complaint really in the current climate.
I wish you all continued enjoyment for the remaining matches.If you have any queries, comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me.

December 2021
I would like to wish all our Intermediate A, Kirwans League teams a happy Christmas and a great New Year.  As you will see from the latest update, Round 1 is completely finished. There are 2 matches outstanding in Round 2 and one eager team has actually played 3 matches. I would like to encourage those with outstanding Round 2 matches to get these completed as the schedule is quite busy.  The scoring system this year means that EVERY point gained is crucial. In other words 'it is not over until the fat lady sings'! It is, therefore, essential that each match consists of 2 rounds of twelve boards each round. A couple of instances have involved 8 board  rounds where the default number of boards has not been changed to 12 on set up. These matches become INVALID and need to be rescheduled in the interest of fairness to BOTH teams. Should anybody require any assistance  please do not hesitate to contact me at 086-8248549. Finally, thank you again for taking part in the League. I look forward to seeing you all again very soon at the virtual Bridge Table. I have no doubt that CAVBC and GRVBC will keep us engaged for the foreseeable future. Thanks to Aidan, Dan and their teams for all their efforts. They have kept many of us sane during these strange times!
Ria Malone
Intermediate A Coordinator