C.B.A.I. Dublin North Region

DNR Club Level Tournament Directors' Course

Date: Saturday December 9, 2023
Time: 11:00 - 16.30
Venue: Donnycarney/Beaumont Day Care Centre, St Johns Court, Malahide Road, Dublin.
Cost: €30 per person but if a club is sending three or more people, this is reduced to €20 per person for the third and subsequent persons.
Presenters: Norma Madden & Aidan Synnott (Norma and Aidan are CBAI qualified Regional TDs)
Enrolment: The most efficient method for individuals is online by clicking this link. Alternatively, you may text or call the Regional Secretary on 087 246 9129.
This course is aimed at those who wish to become Tournament Directors in their local clubs. No prior knowledge of tournament direction is assumed but the course will still be of benefit if you are already involved in straightforward tournament direction in your club and wish to expand your knowledge and confidence. This is an all day course. Movements and Scoring will be covered in the morning, Laws and Etiquette in the afternoon. Manual scoring will be covered to the extent required to give sufficient understanding to avoid errors that sometimes arise when computer scoring is used. There will be a brief overview of Bridgemate scoring but this is not intended to be a comprehensive Bridgemate Operator's course. Such a course will be held in the new-year.

Tea, Coffee and sandwiches will be provided during an 45-60 minute break at approximately 13:00. The cost of these is included in your entry fee.

If you are attending the course, it would be highly desirable to acquire a copy of the current Law Book. You are not expected to read it from cover to cover but a general awareness of what it contains would be helpful. It can be purchased in book format (for €8) from the CBAI’s Bridge Shop. Alternatively, you can download a copy free of charge from the World Bridge Federation’s Website in a variety of formats:


 N.B. You should NOT use the 2007 Law Book (often called “The Red Book”) as the changes made in 2017 were quite extensive.

Topics covered will include:
Part 1
The Role and Duties of a Tournament Director
Requirements for a Movement

Pairs Movements

  • Straight Mitchell Movement
  • Share and Relay Mitchell
  • Skip Mitchell
  • Howell Movements, full and three-quarters
  • Movements for awkward numbers of tables
Basic Teams Movements
Basic Individual Movements
Match Point Scoring for Pairs Events
(Manual & Computer)
Basic Teams Scoring
Running a Pairs Competition using Bridgemates (overview)
Part 2
Laws and Etiquette

  • Basic Good Behaviour at the Bridge Table
  • Calling the Director
  • Bidding Boxes
  • Laws Governing the Positioning of Boards and the Auction
  • The Alert Card
  • The Stop Card
  • Announcements and Alerts
  • Unauthorised Information
  • Penalty Cards
  • Comparable Calls
  • Hesitation & Logical Alternatives
  • Calls out of Rotation
  • Insufficient Bids
  • Misinformation
  • Leads out of Rotation
  • The Revoke
  • Lead Restrictions
  • Claims and Concessions