Kirwan Rules (CBAI)

 1.  All games will be played in accordance with the Laws of Duplicate Bridge and the Regulations for the Use of Bidding Boxes.

2.   Entries must be made on the official Entry Form (available at or from your Club Secretary) to the relevant League Coordinator or Regional Secretary

3.   Teams may use up to six (6) players in a season.  All players on the team must be members of the Club entering the team and affiliated members of the C.B.A.I. 

4.   It is preferable to name all six (6) members of the team but at least four (4) Players must be named on the Team application form.  

5.   No player may sub for more than one team. No player may play in more than one League Team. If an unnamed sub is introduced to a team in the Intermediate A section the following will apply:

Section 1 Any Intermediate player may be substituted

Section 2 Any substitute must hold less than 3 National Points.

Section 3 Any substitute must hold less than 2 National Points.

6.   24 boards should be played in each match by Intermediate As and Bs (Novices–20) unless mutually agreed otherwise.  Bidding boxes must be used.

7.    Ideally matches should be played on the Home Team’s Club night and premises, however, any other venue may be agreed by both teams.

8.   The Home Captain should arrange the matches but both Captains share the responsibility for ensuring the matches are played. Ideally, matches should be played within the specified dates but can be played earlier by mutual agreement and may be played out of sequence if necessary.

9.   The home team will retain its position and orientation throughout the match. (N/S at Table 1 and E/W at Table 2). For the second half the AWAY team must switch tables and orientation. Failure to do this will result in the match being decided on the first half results The Home Captain must ensure that all eight (8) players sign the results card.

10. In the Kirwan League Walk-overs are highly undesirable.  The friendly basis of the League dictates that all matches should be played.  If a match cannot be played on the night agreed, both teams involved must make every effort to re-arrange the match.  If a match cannot be re-arranged the matter must be referred to the Organising Committee, who will decide on what action to take.  The Home Team must offer a choice of at least two dates. If a team is awarded a walkover it will get 3 Points and a temporary award of 12 VPS. At the end of the League the 12 VPS  may be adjusted upwards depending on the team’s performance.  No master points will be awarded..

11. All matches are to be scored and agreed on the night of the match.  Teams who are not confident with their scoring should submit both score sheets to their Grade Coordinator.  In the event of any dispute, an appeal must be lodged with the Coordinator within 7 days and score sheets made available for inspection by the Organising Committee.  Failure to produce these will negate any claim over a result. 

12. There will be separate Sections if there are sufficient entries.

a. 3 Points will be awarded for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss.

b. If there is a tie for the winner of a section, the teams involved must play off before the Final. 

c. If that play-off results in a Draw, the winners of the direct match between these two teams will be declared winners of the Section. 

d. If the direct match was a draw, IMPs will be used to break the tie. IMPs will be calculated over the two matches.

13.  A Final / Prize Giving Day will be held at the end of the League and Finals between section winners must be played on or before this date. On Finals Day the Hands will be dealt by the Finalists themselves.

14.  If two or more teams tie for 1st place at the Final, a single 6 board supplementary match will be played.

15. A second prize will be awarded if numbers justify it.

16. Master Points will be awarded to the individual players for all matches won or drawn in the League. Additional Master Points will be awarded to all players receiving prizes.

17. The Organising Committee has final say in resolving all disputes. 


July 2017