Dublin North Region

Fun Teams System

Approved Bidding System for 4 Fun Teams Competition

Dublin North Region Qualifier

Sunday 17th March, 2019

Four or Five Card Majors

Weak (12-14) or Strong (15-17) No-Trump

2C oposite 1NT is Stayman

Other suit bid opposite 1NT is
either a Weak Take-out or (in the case of 2D or 2H) a Jacoby Transfer

Playing Jacoby Transfers, 1S opposite 1NT shows 11 HCPs (playing Weak NT) or 8 HCPs (playing Strong NT)

A 1NT overcall normally promises 15-17 HCPs but in the Protective Position, promises 10-14 HCPs

Standard Overcall promise 8-15 HCPs

Overcalls of 1NT are natural

ALL 2-Level openings are Strong

ALL 3-level Suit openings are Standard Pre-Empts

Doubles of
suits bid in the first round of bidding are for "Take-Out"

Negative Doubles
are not allowed

Gerber & Blackwood (any style)
are allowed

Players have the right to enquire about the system of discards being used. When responding to such enquiries, the explanation should be full and should try to avoid jargon.

Sanctions may be imposed for the use of systems that are not approved